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Tryout: Nichole Mac

Our creepy camera man has some good days, but also some bad days. He stumbled upon a cutie in pantyhose, but couldn't convince her to go back to his studio. She quickly walks to her car and drives off. But things get a bit better within the same parking lot. Waiting in her car, Nichole Mac has no clue she's being watched. Her door is open and long legs dangling on the concrete. He runs his zoom lens up her legs, mouth watering over her pantyhose and spiked high heels.

Tryout: Ava Hardy

Ava's first day as a hostess really didn't go the way she thought. It started off with our creepy camera man zooming in on her pantyhose and tight dress. She waits in her car with the door open. Her creeper can see right up her dress and can see how she plans to make extra tips. She's wearing no panties. He approaches her before she goes to work, offering a modeling job. He only wants to fuck her, of course. This hostess thinks too highly of herself. She gets our creeper horny with her long legs, disrobing and rubbing on her body.

Tryout: Maci Lee

Our creepy camera man has his eye on Maci, a tall blonde waiting for a friend. Her pantyhose and black high heels definitely are a big plus. Her tight skirt rides up, surprising her creeper with a view of her exposed pussy. He surely does love women who don't wear panties. Since she has the time, she accepts his modeling job. Of course, he just wants to fuck her. Annoyed, she shows him what he can't have. Her long legs push him over the edge. The way she bends over and reaches for her pussy is more than a good reason to jerk off.

Tryout: Aubrey Sky

No matter how busy the city might be, our creepy camera man has no trouble spotting out Aubrey Sky. It must have been her tan pantyhose. Or maybe it's because she isn't wearing any panties, a discovery made through his zoom lense. The way she spreads her legs, anyone could see the absence of underwear. He catches up to her and offers her a modeling job. Her excitement dies down when she learns what he really wants: a cheap hump in his studio. Her disgust for him is apparent, making him pay for her sexy taunts.

Tryout: Vanessa Sixxx

Vanessa Sixxx is getting some work done before running back to work. If she left a minute earlier, she might've avoided our creepy camera man. He's been watching her work, well, watching her legs. She does have on his favorite: pantyhose and sexy high heels. She relaxes with a cigarette. This is where a zoom lense travels up her skirt, exposing the lack of panties. He swoops her off her feet with a modeling job. Her open mind got her creeper a solo show. She playfully undresses and poses on the couch.

Tryout: Harmony Coxxx

Harmony Coxxx enjoys spending her lunch break in the park. She has her own bench in front of a beautiful fountain. Everyone needs a calm and serene atmosphere from their hectic job. If she only knew our creepy camera man is watching her behind nearby bushes. He can spot a hot girl wearing pantyhose a mile away. This naughty secretary feels quite comfortable on her bench, stretching her legs out, letting her tight red skirt ride up, giving her creeper the visual he loves: no panties, just silky pantyhose against a bare pussy. He approaches her with the usual ploy, but she declines at first. Of course, a few more dollars gets the girl in his studio.

Tryout: Karina White

Who know what our creepy camera man was doing when he saw Karina White. He watches as she talks on the phone and smokes a cigarette. He mostly watches her long legs in her tight blue pantyhose and colorful high heels. His zoom goes right up her skirt, finding she has no panties on. He follows her a bit before approaching her with a modeling job. He gets her to his studio, confessing what he's really after: a naked few hours. He'll pay for her time. Amused, she refuses, but wants the cash. She taunts him with her pussy behind the blue pantyhose, until all she's wearing are the pantyhose. He wants her bad, but all he can do is imagine his dick

Tryout: Stella Banxxx

Our creepy camera man has found a new fantasy. He wants to find out if Stella Banxxx is only wearing pantyhose under her hot pink trench coat. When she sits to readjust her high heels, he sees she has no panties on. He has to approach her. He makes her feel pretty, which gets her into his studio. Will pretty girls have sex for money? No. But she'll show the lack of clothing underneath her trench coat. Her legs are much longer without the coat. She teaches her creeper how to jerk his dick. It's the best thing he can do, since she won't let him touch her.

Tryout: Zarena Summers

How does our creepy camera man get so lucky? He always knows how to spot the beauties with long legs and hip hugging pantyhose. In the park, sits the sexy Zarena Summers, enjoying the scenery on her break. She doesn't know her creeper is watching behind the bushes, studying her long legs, getting off on her tight pantyhose. Again, how does he get so lucky? She spreads her legs a bit, giving a glimpse of no panties and a tight pussy. She gets up to leave. He quickly approaches her with his usual proposal of a modeling opportunity.

Tryout: Catalina

Catalina, dressed in a sexy apron, is preparing a little something for her boyfriend. You should know something first. This chef doesn't handle food. She finds delicious ways to serve her ass for her boyfriend. They share quite an ass fetish. Catalina climbs on top of the table and pokes her ass out. Her boyfriend makes out with her tight ass hole, making her moan. The deeper he smothers his face into her crack, the more she quivers. Now for their favorite part. He lies on the table and she serves him a proper facesitting. She slaps her cheeks against his chin, riding his face as fast and deep as she can. That's the kind of ass worship they commit to.

Tryout: Charity

The popular femdom facesitting lesbian slave does enjoy being on the other side of things. Since she knows how to orchestrate a phenomenal ass worship, Charity Love expects only the best. She's already naked, bent over and fingering her tight ass hole. Her slave gets to work. His tongue meets her hole, eating it deeper the more she moans. She loves it when he fingers her peach butt hole. She loves it even more when she stands up and smothers her slave's face. She rams his head deep into her crack, giving him the opportunity to choke on her wet pussy.

Tryout: Camila

Everyone wonders how Camila Big got the Big. She probably got the name from her gigantic ass she loves to show off. She teases her loser, bending over and spreading her cheeks, letting him see everything. When she finally lets him enjoy the sight, she smothers his face with her glorious ass, which is pretty deep. He won't be able to breathe. He doesn't care. He wants to worship the ass before him and eat all the pussy he can. When the situation leads to facesitting, he can't handle it. He chokes and begs for air. She rides his face a bit more before leaving the guy alone, gasping for air.

Tryout: Elina

Elina finally caught her pervert sneaking around in her backyard. He got caught on a good day. She is horny and wants to shove his entire head up her ass. She has him tongue fuck her ass hole, shoving his face deep into her crack. He tries to pull away for air, but she won't let him. She loves choking perverts with her round ass and tasty hole. She gets him on the brick floor and sits on his face, grinding his head against the brick beneath. He pulls away for air, but she reaches and wraps her hand around his neck, choking him hard. Then she drops her ass right back on his face. Elina gets rough with her pervert. I think she just made him her slave. He better get used to intense femdom facesittings on a regular basis.

Tryout: Nikki Blake

If Nicky knew our creepy camera man was watching her during her break, maybe she wouldn't have accepted his modeling job. He couldn't resist her pantyhose and nude high heels. He needed to talk to her when his zoom lense focuses up her skirt, revealing no panties and a beautiful pussy. When he gets her in his studio, he offers some cash to fuck her. She immediately refuses. His pathetic begging makes her laugh. She teases him by dropping her dress, showing off her long legs, and reaching inside her pantyhose to rub her pussy.

Tryout: Kennedy Leigh

At first, Kennedy Leigh seemed very comfortable on the phone. She sits at a bench, posing her long legs in front of her. Her skirt rides up, exposing the absence of panties. But she takes her time to pull it back down. Anyone could have seen, like our creepy camera man. He's been watching every second of Kennedy's conversation. When he gets her to his studio, she isn't shy. She shows off her body before he even asks, posing quite erotic, puckering her full lips. When he wants sex, she closes up.

Tryout: Alexa Rydell

A lovely afternoon for Alexa Rydell turned sexual with extra cash in her pocket. Everyone can thank our creepy camera man for that. His camera focuses on Alexa's pantyhose and high heels. Her creeper likes how she sits with her legs spread open. He has to approach a pretty girl with no panties on. She's surprised with his modeling job offer. She undressed pretty fast. She wants to be a perfect model. She poses, stretching out her long legs, touching her tight body. Sadly for our creeper, he can't fuck her. She's too good for him.

Tryout: Elena Petrova

A nice walk through the park can lead to some fast and easy cash. That's how it worked our for Elena Petrova. Our creepy camera man has been following her for awhile, watching her long legs and black pantyhose. She finally finds a rock to sit on for a rest. She thinks she's alone, feeling comfortable enough to spread out her legs. Her creeper definitely is enjoying the view, since she's not wearing any panties. She gets up and continues her tour. This is the time for our camera man to approach her.

Tryout: Jessa Rhodes

Our creepy camera man is on the prowl again for another hot babe to get back into his studio. How did you get so lucky? He sees Jessa Rhodes, a blonde bombshell in a body hugging white dress, nude pantyhose, and glittery high heels. He sees her sitting on the stoop of building, texting intently. She stretches her long legs, allowing her creeper's zoom to fly up her skirt. His suspicion was right. She doesn't have any panties on. The meet doesn't go so well. She does not want to be bothered by a weird guy with a camera.

Tryout: Lexi Kartel

Our creepy camera man didn't have to go too far for his next obsession. In the waiting room of his building sits Lexi Kartel, dressed in his favorite articles of clothing: nude pantyhose and high heels. With his trusty zoom, he discovers she isn't wearing any panties. He approaches her with a modeling job. Our creeper is an honest man. When he has her to himself, he reveals his true intentions: a quick fuck for some cash. Pissed, she refuses, but isn't walking out empty handed. She'll give him a solo show. She undresses and shows off her tight body, bouncy boobs, and beautiful ass. She teases her creeper by caressing her long legs, rubbing on her pussy.

Tryout: Ezmie Lee

Getting caught in the rain can be annoying. Not for our creepy camera man. The rain has secluded his next obsession, Ezmie Lee, under a canopy. She impatiently waits for the rain to stop with a cigarette. Our creeper's zoom goes back and forth on her pantyhose and tall high heels. When she sits, a gust of wind blows up her skirt, revealing she has no panties on. He must approach her and offer a modeling job in his dry studio. Of course, he wants her naked and on top of him. Intrigued by his courage, she declines, but agrees to give him a solo show. He can even jerk off. She lets her dress drop and shows off her long legs, spanking on her pussy.

Tryout: Sage Evans

Do secretaries usually strut around town with pantyhose, high heels, and no panties? Sage surely does. Our creepy camera man happily becomes aware with his zooming camera. The real fun happens in his studio. She won't let him fuck her. But she'll take the cash and give him a solo show. She really wants to be naked. We're not sure if she's done this before. Only a professional shows off long legs like she does. She poses on the couch, stands up and bends over, giving her creeper a glimpse of her pussy. She poses on the bench, squeezing her boobs

Tryout: Maria

What loser could ever turn down a Latin woman with such huge bouncy tits and round moist ass? The loser Maria found definitely can't. But she's horny and her ass is ready to be worshipped and her pussy eaten. She rests herself against a wall for her pervert to see what she's working with. She wants his face in her ass now. She gets him on the floor and smothers his face with her pussy. She smothers him deep against her ass hole, his mouth balancing this full weight facesitting. She slaps him around for being a loser, revealing what a femdom she can be.

Tryout: Casey

Do you categorize a hot babe fingering her own butt hole ass fetish? No need to think about it. It's Casey Chase's personal ass fetish. She has a loser on hand to fulfill the rest of her fetish. She sticks her ass in front of his face, immediately tasting her pink ass hole and tight pussy. He dips a few fingers into her ass hole, driving her crazy, making him wiggle it deeper inside of her. He continues smothering his face, roaming his tongue up to her butt hole and down to her twat. She loves smothering a face deep and wet. She gets him on the floor to see how well he can manage a true facesitting. He does surprisingly well, holding her bottom on his face

Tryout: Alexis

Her sexy stare and luscious ass will hypnotize any pervert watching. Alexis, dressed only in a sexy bra, has her bouncy ass poked out for you to see. At the right view, you can see her tanned ass hole and pussy lips. She wants you to worship her ass. She knows you want her to smother your face, let you eat her ass hole, worship her pussy. How about some full weight facesitting? She's not too sure if you can handle it. She will humiliate you if you can't. She loves to choke losers with her pussy. Take a lesson from the loser Alexis found.

Tryout: Ashley

A relaxing day by the pool for Ashley Grace is waving her ass and pussy in your face, tempting how much you love ass fetish. This femdom is vocal and knows how she wants to smother your face, ready to humiliate you if you can't handle it. She bends over and rams her loser's face into her backside. Every time he comes up for air, she pulls his face right back, smothering his face deep with her ass and tight pussy. She drops her booty chicks on his nose and mouth. She doesn't care if he chokes. She loves choking her losers with full weight facesitting. She definitely has the ass for it.

Tryout: Hailey Young

Do you need to place your tongue somewhere? Hailey Young bends over, offering two gaping holes you can insert and wiggle your tongue in. Well, she already has her chocolate pig for that. This femdom babe tells her pig to shove his face deep into her ass. She wants his entire head up her crack, passing her hole and pussy with his long tongue. She wants him to go deeper. She lies him down and gets what she wants. He chokes, desperate for air. This is quite disappointing. She reaches and punishes him with hard slaps on his cock and balls. She lets him rub his dick against her holes and he can't last longer? He tries harder, eating more and breathing less. Hailey always gets what she wants. A facesitting does it every time. © Tjeezers 2003-2010